3 Unusual Student Scholarships You Didn’t Know Exist


Thinking of enrolling in college, but you don’t have the necessary funding? Don’t worry, you still have a very strong chance of fulfilling your dream. Online universities as well as brick and mortar ones offer a solution – scholarships for college.

However there’s a catch here – scholarships offered by online colleges or traditional ones are massively oversubscribed, so the question is why not cast the net a little bit wider?

You might not be aware of this, but some non-educational institutions are also interested in sponsoring students looking to enroll for an online degree or a traditional one. Here are three such bursaries that are granted based on particularly bizarre criteria. But who knows, maybe you’ll keep reading and find that you’re eligible to apply to one of them

Leverhulme Trust Undergraduate Bursary

Are you the son/daughter, spouse, widow or widower of a grocer, a chemist or a travelling salesman and you’re looking to fund your online degree or good old school bachelor program?

The Leverhulme Trust Undergraduate bursary is awarded to those individuals who fit the criteria outlined above. The foundation offers £3,000 a year for UK students. This means perspective online colleges (or traditional) students can expect to receive up to £9,000 in funding over the 3 year period of their studies. There are a host of online universities operating in the UK like the Open University and this grant can help pay some of the tuition fee (in some cases in full).

Royal& Ancient Golf Scholarship

Moving on with our scholarships for college list, here’s a bursary specifically aimed at golf lovers. Are you reasonably good at golf? Then you should be eligible to apply for the Royal & Ancient Gold scholarship. The bursary of £5,000 is to be awarded to a lucky recipient looking for opportunities to study at online colleges or traditional schools.

However keep in mind the bar is set quite high with a guideline handicap +1 or better for men and 3 or better for women.

IdeasTap Uni Free Fund

Are you creative and looking for the right online degree? Then you best pay a visit to IdeasTap – an interactive arts career network. The hub invites art and music students to pitch ideas on how to improve the service.

It can be anything from “A few ideas about how to get more members” or “Volunteering at this week’s art show”. The best idea wins a prize of £9,000. What can you do with this amount of cash? Let us give you an idea.

There are plenty of online universities in the UK, like the Open University. Let’s say you’re interested in an Art History BA. The online degree provider asks for a full £16,000 for three years of study. So the IdeasTap bursary would come really in handy. Naturally you can combine it with other scholarships for college. It’s up to you.

As you can see you don’t necessarily have to be a full honor student in order to be eligible to apply for a bursary. These unique scholarships are tailored for specific types of people, so consider your unique traits when researching school grants.