This is how you play the lottery to get a scholarship


Going to university is not a cheap affair. It doesn’t matter whether you’re applying to online universities or traditional ones, you’ll still need to pay a fair amount of money on student taxes. The way out of spending years trying to pay for school? College scholarships.

Traditionally only gifted students would be awarded bursaries, but things have changed a lot with the advent of online colleges. Online degree programs are more permissive and allow students of all background and talent to request financial help. You only have to prove your dedication to acquiring new skills.

But how do you go about applying for college scholarships? You search for online universities or traditional universities that offer something to fit your agenda. Or you can play the lottery. That’s right you’ve heard right!

In the US, some states rely on lottery scholarships to determine which students will receive funding for education. It applies to online degree programs as well as good old fashioned ones. Here are three lottery scholarship suppliers that you should know about if you’re thinking of applying to online colleges or brick and mortar ones.

Wells Fargo CollegeSteps

This scholarship is open to students who are already enrolled or are thinking of enrolling in college. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re already studying or still browsing through online colleges catalogues. The Wells Fargo CollegeSteps funding program will award the bursary to students who agree to receive money management and college planning advice directly from the organization.

After the agreement is given, students automatically enter the lottery and are eligible to win a grant of $5,000 (at each drawing). It’s quite easy to sign up, you are required to enter some of your personal information. If you win the grant, you’ll be able to cover some of your online degree costs and even combine it with another scholarship.

US Bank Scholarship

Planning attend a 2 to 4 year program with one of the online universities (or traditional) in the US? Then the US Bank Scholarship fund can help. All winners are chosen at random, so you don’t have to be an honors student to participate.

In order to take part in the lottery, students should fill out a brief demographic info form and then keep their fingers crossed. Those interested in smart money management, can take a brief online tutorial while they wait to be notified whether they have won the scholarship or not.

Bright Futures Florida Lottery Scholarship Program

Want even more college scholarships? The Bright Future Florida Lottery Scholarship program awards three different scholarships to students who have done exceptionally well in high school. Despite this initial criteria, winners are selected at random.

The program awards funding per hour. So you might receive more money depending on the institution you choose. For example those who want to enroll in the Applied Technology Diploma Program at the Gold Seal Vocational Scholars center will be awarded $39/per hour. Students interested in enrolling at the same institution for a full 4 year program will receive $77 per hour.

So as you can see, scholarship lotteries are one of the simplest ways you could get your hands on money for college. Just submit your personal info and hope you win!